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Welcome to the fat solutionlab!
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User Management

User Management Sometimes you don't need indiviual users, but rather a group of automatically generated user names, for example for a training. This is where the user generator comes in handy. You choose a common password and a term. And you can organize your users in groups. That does not only make sure you have a clear overview, but also grants you comfort.


Standards Various versions of software, drivers and operating systems need to be held compatible to each other in order to keep a system running. The most reliable way to accomplish this is to keep your computing environment up-to-date at all times. Amazon takes care of that: Updates are applied automatically, a brand new computer out of the Cloud comes always with the newest version of the software installed on it.

Easy to use

Easy to use There exist as many ways to use the Cloud as there are users. To ensure that you achieve your goals using the fat solutionlab.The fat solutionlab means to be easy to use. But usability alone does not make a good interface. For professional administrators, the fat solutionlab offers more. There is not only a versatile user management, an administrator may also configure and adjust the instances.