Welcome to the fat solutionlab!

You are Software developer?

Then take advantage of the fat solutionslabs!

Welcome to the fat solutionlab!

fat solutionlab explanatory movie

In this movie we explain our fat solutionlab and its benefits - as short and precise as possible.
We have your attention? Try our fat solutionlab in your company and give your customers an easy way to try out your software, without any installation and directly in the cloud! Contact us, and we will speak about the possibilities.

More Characteristics and benefits about the Application can be found at this website.

Self Service

Self Service Allow your users, to create instances all by themselves - via Self Service. Your Users don't need to bother the administrator, if they need a new instance. This may be of interest in sales. All you need to do is to decide beforehand, which software you would like to display to your client for Self Service. As long as no instance is in use, there is no cost as well. This means your team can work independently while your administrative workload is kept low.


Vouchers Vouchers make managing this process even easier. Just generate a voucher pool for your product, assign your instance to it and distribute the vouchers to your clients as you see fit. They can now register with a voucher at the fat solutionlab and have instantly access to a computer with your software demo. There is no additional administrative effort needed. And not to forget: Fees only apply, if one of your clients actually registers and starts an instance!

fat solutionlab


Schedule Managing the access to your instances means controlling the cost. AWS only charges you for the time an instance is actually running, which can be controlled via the schedule. In the fat solutionlab you are only charged for users if they are set to "active". Thus you can have hundred or thousand of users in the lab - as long as they are not activated, you don't need to pay a single cent.