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Welcome to the fat solutionlab!
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Disk Management

Disk Management We certainly don't need to explain to you the value of backups. If you create backups at critical stages of your testing routine, you can very quickly return to predefined states of your test environment. This eliminates all risk from even handling sensitive system parameters and commands. Such a rollback is a matter of minutes, if you use the fat solutionlab. Everything else is handled by the fat solutionlab. Restoring a backup is just as simple.

Security and availability

Security and availability By default, the instances you start are firewall protected and not accessible via the world wide web. Assigning one fixed IP to your instance in order to make it available from outside the lab is just as easy. Because for those so called "elastic IPs" that are provided by Amazon there is a smart user interface in the fat solutionlab.


Scalability Everytime you purchase new hardware for your company, you face a dilemma. In such situations, the Cloud is invaluable. You can request computers without the need to advance money. The Amazon Web Services charge you per hour you actually use an instance, we charge you per active user in our default pricing model.