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Using the fat solutionlab exactly the way
your workflow can blossom

Easy to use for a layperson ...

There exist as many ways to use the Cloud as there are users. To ensure that you achieve your goals using the fat solutionlab, we focus on two vital aspects.

Usability The fat solutionlab means to be easy to use. CEO and developer Dirk Reimers put his software to the test: "I always say, my 11-year old daughter should be able to start herself a computer in the Cloud. She can do this quickly and easily, without a problem."

... powerful for professionals

But usability alone does not make a good interface. For professional administrators, the fat solutionlab offers more.

There is not only a versatile user management, an administrator may also configure and adjust the instances. "Right now, the fat solutionlab offers a lot of what the console of AWS does, but it is easier to use. It even offers functionality that exceeds Amazon's console - like the light switch client." explains Dirk Reimers.

Amazon does appreciate the way that the fat solutionlab complements the AWS Cloud - fat IT solutions is an AWS Technology Partner of Amazon.