Willkommem zum fat solutionlab!

Where price and performance are in balance

Only pay for what you need

Our Pricing - simple and transparent

Our pricing in one sentence:

Per user you pay between one and two Euros per day.

That's how simple pricing needs to be.

You want more?

On top of that we offer you several optional services around the fat solutionlab. If you are interested to know more - just mail us!

Our pricing is built around your needs ...

... and not the other way around. Every customer's situation is different. For that reason we remain flexible, also when it comes to pricing. We want to make sure, that you and we find a solution that works for both sides.

A personal offer

Could we spark your interest for the fat solutionlab? Just contact us. Then we can discuss indepth what you need and can make a tailor-fit offer for you - under no obligation and at no cost, of course. Mail us!

  • Software developer?

    Allow your clients to try your software in the cloud! You need to set up your software demo only once - and it is reliable and user friendly.

  • IT department?

    Set up controlled and specific test environments - you pay only for the time you actually use them.

  • Trainings?

    Prepare one machine for your training, then deploy identical instances to all participants. Very easy if you organize them in user groups!

  • Care for a test drive?

    Just register. Quick, easy and of course free of charge.