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Determine exactly, when your instances are running
using the schedule

Controlling time ...

Auf die Minute. You can control access to your instances precisely via the schedule. You define, at that days and at which hours a computer is available for your users.

The schedule controls your instances, but it can also help you managing your users. Imagine for example that you have set up a demo instance for one of your clients, which is supposed to be available for 10 days. You may now determine that the client's account be automatically deactivated after that period of time. This way you still have hold on the data set of the client for the future, but it will be frozen and thus generating no cost until you decide to set the status to "active" again.

... means controlling cost

Managing the access to your instances means controlling the cost. AWS only charges you for the time an instance is actually running, which can be controlled via the schedule. In the fat solutionlab you are only charged for users if they are set to "active". Thus you can have hundred or thousand of users in the lab - as long as they are not activated, you don't need to pay a single cent.

Using the schedule you can easily predefine, for how long you want to keep instances available and users set to "active". All else does the fat solutionlab for you.

This means you benefit from our transparent und usage oriented pricing. This way it remains clear at all times, how much you need to pay. For further details keep on reading in our section on pricing.