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Over 9000 users?
Easily managed in the fat solutionlab

Import your users

Imagine you'd like to use the fat solutionlab with your company, but you have a staff hundreds or thousands of people. No problem at all: First you let the lab create data sets for everyone by importing them with little effort.

Immer aktuell

Sometimes you don't need indiviual users, but rather a group of automatically generated user names, for example for a training. This is where the user generator comes in handy. You choose a common password and a term, like "trainee" and users "trainee01", "trainee02" etc. will be created.

Managing groups

And you can organize your users in groups. That does not only make sure you have a clear overview, but also grants you comfort. You may activate or deactivate all users of a given group with a single click or start all instances of a group simultaneously. Or you might wish to have a group, where all newly registered users are automatically being assigned to.

Be it for various departments of your company, different campaigns, school classes or workshops - the group feature allows you to manage users as needed. On top of that, the fat solutionlab ensures that handling them is quick and intuitive.

Our customers have already put the group feature to use in trainings, a school environment and at a university symposium. We are glad that the feedback was very positive. Cloud made easy!