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Backups? Managing disks?
Easily done with the fat solutionlab

About backups

We certainly don't need to explain to you the value of backups. If you navigate the Cloud, backups have an additional merit: They can be used to save a lot of time. Consider this example from software development:

As creating and deleting whole computers is done so easily inside the Cloud, this is a highly suitable way to run tests in specific environments, which you can customize to fit the needed parameters of your desired tests. If you e.g. wish to test how your software performs in conjunction with a very specific Linux distribution, you just need to select a fitting instance template and install.

If you create backups at critical stages of your testing routine, you can very quickly return to predefined states of your test environment. This eliminates all risk from even handling sensitive system parameters and commands. Such a rollback is a matter of minutes, if you use the fat solutionlab.

Just like that

Your disks and backup can bei managed via the disk management in the fat solutionlab. If you want to create a backup, follow these steps:

(1) Select one of your instances or a specific disk.

(2) Select "backup"

(3) Decide, whether the backup shall be created while the instance is running or if you prefer the instance to be shut down for the duration of the backup.

And that's it. Everything else is handled by the fat solutionlab. Restoring a backup is just as simple. Give it a try!

The healthy influence of a good backup