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What do our customers think about us?

"Just one click away" - we mean it.

„With the fat solutionlab we add a very exciting feature to BlueForge: try now!”

Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck

„At our trainings, our users appreciate the intuitive and functional interface. We highly appreciate, how massively our preparation time is being reduced.”

Oliver Lehmann
Technical Consultant - CP Corporate Planning AG

„During our symposium TaCoS22, our participants were able to use 50 servers simultaneously via the fat solutionlab - impressive, how easy that was.”

Andrei Beliankou
LDV/Computerlinguistik - University Trier

„It only takes minutes for me to provide potential buyers of our software with access to their own test instance. ”

Alexander Schimanski
Projectmanagement und Sales - Pietschconsult GmbH

„Our project about Cloud computing was a great success - thanks to fat IT solutions. They were very supportive and gave us the chance to test the fat solutionlab and the numerous possibilities that it offers. ”

Knut Dombergen
RBZ Wirtschaft, Kiel

„With the fat solutionlab we can comfortably use the benefits of the AWS without having to perform extensive trainings - we are directly in medias res!”

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Nane Kratzke
Fachhochschule L├╝beck

  • Software developer?

    Allow your clients to try your software in the cloud! You need to set up your software demo only once - and it is reliable and user friendly.

  • IT department?

    Set up controlled and specific test environments - you pay only for the time you actually use them.

  • Trainings?

    Prepare one machine for your training, then deploy identical instances to all participants. Very easy if you organize them in user groups!

  • Care for a test drive?

    Just register. Quick, easy and of course free of charge.