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So it's done by Univention...


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Your own settings...


With our reworked settings, you are able to control which standard set of rights for Linux and Windows instances you want to deploy and are able to edit your individual texts for pop-up messages and headers.

The following settings are available:

  • General settings
  • Registration settings
  • Customizable header texts
  • Define standard rights
  • Popup information for deactivated users
  • Popup information for the imprint

Furthermore you are able to set your own browser tab text or to select the design of the registration form. Just click your way through the various accordions and adjust everything to the standard of your company.

If you would like to gain more detail about the settings or are missing a feature, contact us via e-mail or give us a call.

Your Demo in our system!


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Cloud contest ends...


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Extended disk management functions


With the last rollouts we extended the disk manangement significantly. Now it's possible to attach additional volumes and extend existing volumes.

A use case for this is the extension of a system volume for creating an individual instance template.

Standard windows AMIs, for example, come with a capacity of 30 or 35 GB. If this standard capacity is not enough and you'd like to expand it a fairly complex step sequence is necessary (with involvement of the AWS management console). With the fat solutionlab this mission is now accomplished with just a few clicks. The system cares for stops and starts of instances where applicable, keeps intermediate steps on demand and notifies the user automagically after a successful processed job.

School and Cloud!


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BlueForge + fat solutionlab


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An explanatory movie...


The explanatory movie for our fat solutionlab is ready!

While producing the clip our goal was to show the power of the fat solutionlab within 2 use cases as short and compact as possible.

We are very happy with the result and hope that you like what you see, too!


New in the fat solutionlab: Windows Server 2012


With yesterday's announcement of amazon the fat solutionlab now delaylessly provides Microsoft's Windows Server 2012. Take advantage of it! As a software vendor you are immediately able to test your solution on the new plattform. As an IT department you can now check the interaction of your workload with 2012 and as a training provider you are able to perform newest courses.

Windows Server 2012 is immediately available in different flavours - with the usual ease of use provided by the fat solutionlab - get in touch with us!

Cost units – a handful of clicks for full cost control


The fat solutionlab now makes it incredibly easy to keep an eye on all of your costs - including the AWS fees. With the new feature you as an administrator get the ability to manage your cost conveniently by the uncomplicated setup of cost units.

The outstanding about this: you can configure your cost units individually and assign any objects you like.

Imagine the following use case: you plan a training with some attendants and want to aggregate the costs of this project on a dedicated cost unit? No problem: create a cost unit and get immediate access to a detailed report. Comparably easy is the measurement of expenses for a certain department or an external customer project.

Provide data with ease: the LabExplorer


With the today deployed LabExplorer our customers now easily can upload data to the cloud and make it reachable for their cloud instances. A solutionlab administrator can define granular rights and for example make one file available to many of his users.

Use cases are for example providing installation sources, manuals and teaching materials.

In a schools surrounding this tool is comparable to a virtual USB stick. In this scenario the fat solutionlab deploys machines just before the start of the lessons and immediately deletes them right after the lessons for cost saving purposes. To make data transportable and to store it non-volatile a student now simply uses the LabExplorer.


solutionlab deploys private clouds


On last week's friday we have deployed our new private cloud feature. You now have the option to deploy a complete network environment in the cloud to your users per click.

Use cases are trainings of complex setups, product demos with multiple linked instances or the analysis and reproduction of problems in bigger environments.

What's outstanding about this is: nothing changes for your users and administrators can further rely on the usual simplicity: 2 clicks and one or more users gain access to their private cloud.

fat solutionlab@AWS summit

Back from AWS summit


On the AWS Summit on June 20th we were able to present the fat solutionlab and meet many new and interesting people. We would like to use this opportunity to say 'Thank You' for the interest and support we received for the fat solutionlab!

We were very glad not only to have many nice conversations, but also to get positive feedback regarding the fat solutionlab. Many guests also took the opportunity to take one of our vouchers. We appreciate that, because this means, that we will meet a lot of you again in the fat solutionlab. If you don't have access yet, you can quickly register and take a look around.


fat solutionlab going mobile


Since our most recent update, the fat solutionlab is running on all common mobile devices. This means you can start, stop and manage instances on the road now.

You can also access your instances directly when using a Pad, like you can see in the video. All you need is the fat solutionlab and an rdp-client for mobile devices, e.g. iTap mobile.

School-Competition "Schule macht Zukunft" of the Focus-magazine: Students of RBZ Wirtschaft Kiel win special award


On June 19th, the students of class 11a of the RBZ Wirtschaft Kiel won the award of the category "Information and Communication" in the competition "Schule macht Zukunft" in Berlin. The students had analyzed the complex topic Cloud Computing and presented limitations and chances of various areas of applications. The prize of this category was offered by VDE, the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies.

Because they were among the happy 100 people, who were chosen from 1500 participants to join the final round, they were invited to Berlin last Tuesday. There they were able to demonstrate their project to a jury of experts. The jury voiced that the reasons for the honors were the strcutured and dedicated approach, the fruitious project work and the creative way of presentation.

The award comes with a prize: On november 5th/6th, the students are invited to join the VDE congress in Stuttgart, which covers the topic "Smart Grid - intelligent energy supply of the future".

Our sincere congratulations go out to the students and we are happy that we could provide some support to the project with our fat solutionlab.

fat solutionlab goes science: TaCoS 2012


During the symposium of students of computer linguistics, which took place from 06/01/12 to 06/03/12 in Trier, the fat solutionlab was used for the first time very intensively in higher education. Each participant of a seminar was provided with a cloud instance on which important tools were available.

This reduced the necessary time for the seminar's preparation dramatically. Seminar leader Andrei Beliankou configured and saved the necessary software on a single computer, being the scaffolding for all other machines. Deploying identical instances to each participant was a breeze: It took mere 15 minutes and all instances were up and running.

In order to distinguish the computers from each other, the fat solutionlab's user generator created standard users with a predefined password for each participant. Deploying instances to each of them was just a matter of a few simple clicks, because complex technical details could entirely be left for the fat solutionlab to deal with. Andrei Beliankou says: „Our participants were able to use 50 servers simultaneously via the fat solutionlab - impressive, how easy that was.”

The participants had quick access to their instances at well. Usually, they would have logged into the solutionlab and then clicked on „start instance“. In case of the seminar, the desired way was slightly different, but also supported by the fat solutionlab: The students used the client program PuTTY to access the linux-computers and for authentification purposes. The fat solutionlab made sure all computers in the cloud were configured accordingly, so that PuTTY had free access to those instances

Dirk Reimers, CEO of fat and developer of the fat solutionlab was excited: „It is great to see the fat solutionlab in use in an academic environment and getting so much positive feedback. This has encouraged us once again to intensify our relations with universities and educational institutions.“

The fat solutionlab at the AWS Summit


On June 20th 2012, Amazon invites AWS customers and people interested in Cloud Computing to its AWS Summit in Berlin to inform about new developments regarding Cloud Computing. Among the topics are effective usage of the Cloud for users with various backgrounds and needs.

As the fat solutionlab helps its users to achieve optimal and cost effective use of the Cloud, we are there with our booth as well. Participation and catering are free of charge - so visit us, if you like! We will show you the most recent news from the lab. Additionally you will get the chance to get a free voucher for the fat solutionlab.

Self service

Self Service - more freedom for users, less work for administrators


Assigning instances to users is an easy task, if you are an administrator using the fat solutionlab. Now there is an even easier way: Just enable the self service for your users.

This is how it works:

First select a user group and check "self service". This allows those users to create instances without your assistance. Nonetheless you still have control over which instances and how many of them are available. If you edit an instance template, select a user group and determine, how many of those instances a user may possess at the same time.

If your users take a look at "My Instances", they can see all instances you have made available for self service. With one click they can create instances and delete them on their own, without you needing to deal with the details!

Disk Management - Backups made easy


Creating and restoring backups is relevant to Cloud users as well. Imaginge, for example, software development:

As a developer, you can use Cloud resources to work in very specific test environment of your choosing. You can easily create an instance, which is set up exactly the way you need for your tests. This makes creating backups to return to a specific state a very valuable tool to ease your workflow.

The fat solutionlab makes this very simple for you, if you use the disk management.

(1) Select one of your instances or one of the assigned disks
(2) Select "backup"
(3) Decide whether the backup shall be done while the instance is running or if the instance is to be stopped beforehand.

The fat solutionlab deals with everything else. Restoring a backup is just as simple. Give it a try!

TaCoS 2012 - fat solutionlab provides Cloud-resources for computer linguists


The fat solutionlab supports the conference of computer linguistic students ("TaCoS") as an official sponsor. It will be held from 06/01/12 till 06/03/12 in Trier. Since 1992 german speaking students of computer linguistics and related fields meet at this yearly conference for academic discussion.

Our obvious contribution for TaCoS are Cloud resources. Students will have the opportunity to work in the AWS Cloud using the fat solutionlab. Specifally for the conference, a TaCoS user group will be created in the lab and the participants will be granted computers this way for their workshops.

fat CEO and solutionlab-developer Dirk Reimers will not only provide access to the fat solutionlab. He will also hold a talk about new prospects and new impulses of scientific research using Cloud resources. The official topic of his talk will be „Möglichkeiten und Mehrwerte der Cloud für die Computerlinguistik“, which translates to "Opportunities and benefits of the Cloud for the field of computer linguistics"

Hard-disk space is costly


That is true for the Cloud as well - even if an instance is not running. This is preventable, however, if an instance is not only shut down after use, but is being destroyed. This way of handling is viable in e.g. school environments, where storing data directly on the computers often is not desired. In that case, an instance can be deleted and on next startup a new, identical instance will be started. In the meantime, no fee for hard disk storage will be charged.

The fat solutionlab now fully automates this behaviour. Imagine for example this scenario:

Students are given twenty computers for the duration of class. After this time is over, e.g. at 1:00 pm, all computers are automatically stopped and destroyed. New instances of the exact same setup are being prepared for the next morning.

If you are providing your clients with demo installation of your software solution, you can reduce cost this way, too.

And when you are testing software in the Cloud, this optional feature will amaze you: After a simple reboot you are back again at a defined point of origin and ready for the next test run!


solutionlab supports AWS Marketplace


The new AWS Marketplace allows you to market entire computers with your preinstalled software.

Together with the fat solutionlab, your clients can easily test your solution and buy it with just a few clicks. The solutionlab adds important aspects to your solution, as for example managing cost.

Optimized Startup

16 servers in 9 minutes


We were able to reduce the startup time for multiple instances drastically. In our test, we started 16 instances, which took the lab only 9 minutes.

This reduces the necessary preparation time before class or trainings. And it reduces the fees for hard drive capacities, as the overall running time of instances will be reduced significantly.

Automatic Shutdown after inactivity, improved vouchers


Sometimes you want your instances only to run at specific times. Imagine for example, if you provide instances for your clients. In those cases it is unfortunate, if a client forgets to stop the instance. This may cause the computer run all night and generate unnecessary cost.

For those cases, the fat solutionlab offers the schedule, which allows you to control automatically, when an instance is booted or can be booted. But what if you do not know exactly, for how long a user needs the computer? You probably don't want to shutdown the instance, while the user still works on it. And you don't want the instance to run idle either.

If you are faced with such a scenario, the automatic shutdown after inactivity (short: auto-shutdown) can help. Should none of the assigned users work on the instance for a specific period of time, it will be shut down. As an administrator, you can specify this period. This way you can ensure that a user can work as long with the computer as needed - but not longer.

In addition you can limit the running time of the instance via the schedule. This gives you all tools to make precise specifications about the permitted running time. For example an associate is supposed to work on a computer, but only weekdays between 8 and 6, with an altogether maximum of 8 hours and the computer is supposed to shut down after 30 minutes of inactivity? No problem.

If you wish to hold a training or run a campaign with 10, 100 or 1000 computers, you can predefine those options on instance template level. All instances that spawn from this template, will automatically be applied with all your presets.

We have also improved the vouchers that you can generate via the fat solutionlab.

What you could do already: Create any number of vouchers with random codes or a specific code of your choosing, assign to thusly created user accounts specific computers that are created as needed. You could also apply a "best before end"-date to your vouchers, if, say, you only want your vouchers to be valid until the end of the year.

What is new: Now you can preset a validity period for the instances, that are deployed this way. So you could determine that an instance that comes with redeemed is available for exactly two weeks after the user has registered and will automatically be destroyed afterwards. It doesn't matter if a user redeems her voucher in may or november. The fat solutionlab recognizes, when the voucher has been redeemed and sets the schedule of the new instance accordingly.

Launch of our product page, registration and voucher codes


From now on, you can have all news and information about the fat solutionlab at a glance, because our new product page is online!

Here you can read about all features of the fat solutionlab in detail. Furthermore you can read about what our customers have to say about our product and you can find out about the numerous applications of the Cloud for your company!

Maybe you would like to try working with the fat solutionlab yourself? In this case, you can now simply register. Simply click on register, fill the required fields and wait for the confirmation mail. Then log in and dive into the cloud!

Moreover, we offer an even faster way to start into the cloud with the fat solutionlab: Voucher codes. If you are an administrator, you can use them to grant clients and interested persons free time on your instances.

The fat solutionlab got a new look


While we are continously working on new features, which allow you to work in the Cloud even smoother and smarter, our fat solutionlab has been redesigned.

We successively strive to improve the interface to make navigating the lab even more intuitive. The new design complements these efforts organically.

With the fat solutionlab you can easily start computers in the Cloud - and cut costs, as you pay only for the time you actually used the instance. Do you want to take a peek at the new design yourself? Then register and take a look around. It's worth it!

New Update: Start your instance with one click


This new update adds some new, powerful features to the fat solutionlab.

1. Starting a computer in the cloud with exactly one click - the API
Our Lightswitch-client enters beta! This is a little program which makes using the fat solutionlab as easy as possible. Double klick on the Lightswitch - and your instace is being started! This way you can e.g. hand a USB-stick with the lightswitch on it to your client and she can without using the fat solutionlab interface start her software demo - this is as easy as it can get!

2. Importing users
As you know, you can create users in the fat solutionlab. But what if you want to launch a campaing or plan a training and want to integrate existing user data sets into the fat solutionlab? Importing them saves you from having to type in every data set by hand. With a simple Excel-table in csv-format you can import any number of users directly into the fat solutionlab.

3. User groups
Imagine you just imported a big chunk of users. Their status is set to inactive by default - this way they won't cost you anything for now. What if you wish to activate one, several or all data sets? You can do this at one go by taking advantage of user groups. In addition, you can freely create groups and manage them. Like the import feature, you can find your user groups under "user" in the fat solutionlab's interface, but it can also be used if you deploy new instances. This feature is a very powerful tool and will be expanded in the future.

4. Deploying instances
If you log into the fat solutionlab, you will find that the interface to set up new instances has changed. As before, you can still do this under "instance templates". Now you can more easily deploy several instances at once or deloy instances for any amount of users at one go. All you need to do is go through all tabs, choose your templates, users and/or groups and, as it was before, the rights you wish to be granted. If desired, you can limit access via the schedule. With one click on "Deploy instances" each selected user will get the instances you chose. Insted of selecting every user individually, you can select an entire user group as well, of course.

As always, we are happy to hear feedback from you! And we are already working on the next update, of course ...

Importing instances and Elastic IPs


We have released another update, adding a couple of powerful features to the fat solutionlab.

1. Elastic IPs
With this release, you can manage Amazon's fixed IP adresses (so called elastic IPS) via the fat solutionlab. You can request elastic IPs per region, release them and apply them to an instance - and, above all, you can automatically re-associate them on startup. If one of your instances is e.g. controlled via the schedule, the IP will be reassigned to your instance on the next scheduled start and your computer will be accessible via the chosen IP again. This can be relevant in many cases, like for central database servers and helps you reduce costs.

2. Importing instances
Instances that already exist in your AWS account can now be imported into the fat solutionlab quite easily. Our system recognized your instances automatically and deals with everything that needs to be done "under the hood" to integrate your instances seamlessly into the lab. So you don't have to take care of security groups et. al. and can use the fat solutionlab in order to e.g. using the schedule for your instance and save money this way.

Apart from that, we have been polishing a lot of details. One focus was to increase the performance of the fat solutionlab for a large number of users accessing the lab at the same time.

And we would like to share with you an outlook for the next months:
We have plans to release the new feature of users groups and the API in version 1.3 come end of march. This will make defining and managing hierarchical groups of users possible, like for classes or campaigns. It will be possible to assign users and instances to groups and manage them at group level.

The API will come with a client program, which will allow to start computers without a web browser. At first, the client will be available for Windows operating systems, depending on user feedback a release for Android and iOS is planned for late summer.

Computermuseum: Future and Past


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Update 1.2!


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101 User


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Version 1.0


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Acolori expects fat solutionlab


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Open Beta!


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fat is AWS Solution Provider


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