Welcome to the fat solutionlab!

The fat solutionlab!

A web application made by fat IT solutions.

fat, pronounced [ɛf - aː - teː]

We are a german IT solution provider and have been around since 1994. Our services include consulting, conceptualization and implementation of IT solutions. Our customers from industry, public and commercial service value us for our client-oriented approach. We do not strive to sell one specific product as often as possible. We strive to give you the product you need, embedded in a concept that works.


Since 1994

fat started out as one-man-computershop, founded by Thorsten Weimann. It has grown since and is now a company with a staff ca. 30 people, varying from hardware experts, software developers and consultants, all with a solid know-how in IT infrastructures.

We tweet - do you?

the twitter bird! If you like, you can follow us on twitter. So you can stay up-to-date with news from our fat solutionlab and fat in general.

  • Software developer?

    Allow your clients to try your software in the cloud! You need to set up your software demo only once - and it is reliable and user friendly.

  • IT department?

    Set up controlled and specific test environments - you pay only for the time you actually use them.

  • Trainings?

    Prepare one machine for your training, then deploy identical instances to all participants. Very easy if you organize them in user groups!

  • Care for a test drive?

    Just register. Quick, easy and of course free of charge.