Welcome to the fat solutionlab!

Welcome to the fat solutionlab!

"Just one click away" - we mean it.

Welcome to the fat solutionlab!

Not yet in the cloud?

You are not alone. Everybody is talking about Cloud, but many companies still shy away from actually using it. Often the big obstacle is the need to configure and set up the machines, which is usually a cumbersome and tedious process. That is why we have set a big, simple light switch in front of the Cloud - the fat solutionlab. Cloud made easy.

Do you have a voucher?

Using a voucher, you have another way to quickly register at the fat solutionlab, test its features and use computing time in the cloud. If you do already have a voucher, register here! If you don't have a voucher, but would like to check out the fat solutionlab, you can register, too! We will get in touch with you and provide you with a test account.

Your own, private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud Some tasks are better suited for a Cloud infrastructure, that is unaccessable from the rest of the web. Your own network within the Cloud. The solutionlab offers this in the usual manner - create a whole infrastructure with a few, simple clicks. More on that in our blog ...

Backups and Disk Management

Backup Creating backups and switching disks in the Cloud - the fat solutionlab provides this now, and it takes nothing more than a few clicks. This is a big timesaver and opens up a lot of new possibilites for faster testing and better data security. Read More ...

  • Software developer?

    Allow your clients to try your software in the cloud! You need to set up your software demo only once - and it is reliable and user friendly.

  • IT department?

    Set up controlled and specific test environments - you pay only for the time you actually use them.

  • Trainings?

    Prepare one machine for your training, then deploy identical instances to all participants. Very easy if you organize them in user groups!

  • Care for a test drive?

    Just register. Quick, easy and of course free of charge.